Upcoming 2022 Holiday Break (Nov. 20--Jan. 4)

Upcoming 2022 Holiday Break (Nov. 20--Jan. 4)

by Dr. David Walker -
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TBDI students, 

The 2022 Jubilee meeting was a refreshing blessing and an encouragement to keep on serving the Lord! The graduation on Friday night was inspiring. We had 21 graduates attend the Jubilee graduation service. If you were not able to attend this year's Jubilee, you can watch the entire meeting, or listen to select sermons at the following links: 




Also, remember that the holiday break starts on November 20th and goes through January 4th. During the break you will not be able to access the online school, which means, you will not be able to submit or take tests. If you want to listen to school lectures and take notes during the break you will have to download the audio lessons before November 20th. For those of you taking video classes, there are private links (under Course Summary) that you can use to watch the classes during the break.  

Each active student will have the 45 days of the holiday break added back to their semester time. If you have any questions please let me know.